Use EmonCMS to log Meter readings

I currently have Inputs being sent to Power to kWh and Power to kWh/d. How do I create a feed that adds all the Power to kWh/d at the end of the day to track what my Meter readings might look like? Do I just add an Accumulator after the Power to kWh/d processor?

How do I track the Electric Meter readings in case I have Solar as well, do I just ignore the -Negative export values picked up my emontx?

Finally, if I am tracking a pulsed output to a Feed. Is there a way to detect that I may have lost some pulses? Currently I am sending a Value of 1 to an input and simply accumulating that. I can change my firmware to send incremented values, but how would I configured EmonCMS to catch up, if it has missed a pulse or two?

Yes use an “Allow positive” process and log just the import

Normally you would send an incrementing total pulsecount that just keeps going up, that way when you miss a packet or 2 it doesn’t matter as when a packet does land it tells emoncms the latest running total not the counts this period, this way only once in a blue moon when there is a restart or rollover can a pulse or 2 slip through the net.

If my input is constantly going up (which is what I want) what feed processor do I use to make the feed update with the input received and add that to whatever it had gotten previously before, say, a restart.

Good to see you found the answer in another discussion, yes the WhAccumulator will do what you’re after, or the pulse total to pulse increment if you have it.