USB to TTL Serial Cable


I am trying to re-program my emonTx to read an analog input so I tried to upload the sketch using the Arduino IDE, but I have a comunication error. (avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding)

I am using this cable, but not sure if it is possible because it doesn´t have a RST connection.

Anyone know if is it possible to program my EmonTx with a common USB to TTL cable??


Have you looked at the answer in FAQ?

Ok, I found it

Not possible

From the Seeed Studio page at the link shown above:


Could we use this to flash Arduino program ?

Dimitri Dujardin on Oct 19,2016

Hello, because it does not have the DTR/RTS wire for initiating the bootloader reboot sequence, it can not be used to flash Ardiuno program.
Deray Wu on Oct 20,2016 10:47 AM

Actually it is possible to upload a sketch using a USB to serial adapter that doesn’t have a reset line if you manually operate the reset button yourself, it’s not ideal, but it is doable if you’re in a pickle or you just like doing things the hard way. eg upload sketch to standalone ATMega328P via serial port? - Raspberry Pi Forums