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USB S0 pulse counter

I made a simple and cheap 10 channel USB pulse counter to capture the S0 pulse output of meters.
The hardware is easy to assemble because no SMD components are used. The firmware and the daemon is open source.
The whole thing is still very fresh. Just started the “long-term” test.

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This looks very interesting. I was about to restart my electricity consumption project (I have 10 S0 mini-meters in place). This looks like it will sort out my interface issues in one go.

If I understand upcd correctly, I could build this on my emonPi, plug in the USB device (and wire it to the meters obviously) and start logging pretty easily.


Update - the device arrived and (other than a few typos and not having recorded which set of wires was + and which was - before I put the cover back on the meters) it’s working as expected.

I have 9 S0 meters (well, interfaces on meters) providing data to a spare pi, which in turn is passing the data on to my home emoncms.

After I have played with it for a while I am going to plug it directly in to the emonPi and just have it send the data locally.

I thought I could upload screenshots, but it looks like I can’t. I was going to include a grab of the graphs for info.

Or should I say “I can’t see the button right there in front of me” . . .