USB Optical Meter Interface

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Is it possible to use some of these third party USB optical energy meter readers with emonSD

specifications say " ISO/IEC 1107,ISO/IEC62056,DLMS/COSEM"

Link to one below


I think this may be similar to the shop sold optical reader, except instead of reading the interrupt directly the USB must translate that somehow.

Really depends what is sent and can be read by the USB port.

They are not 41p mind you (usual Aliexpress ‘scam’ to have a small item listed first so it appears the other items are cheaper than they really are).

I’d get a shop one and a PiZeroW.

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These should work with meters

Watch out for fake FTDI chips causing driver issues. Watxh out for echo vs no echo (some echo everything on serial and cause chaos)

They are generally NOT suitable for automated meter readout though because the IR is very power hungry and you’ll drain the meter battery quickly.

I did promise to dig out some mbus circuits for the OEM guys - will get to it over Christmas - a purpose made hat rather than the USB widget ought to be neater and more cost effective than the USB to MBus widgets

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