USB 433MHz receiver for emonTX

I have been using a emonTX and a RFM69Pi to meansure and transmit energy pulses.

I now need a USB solution for the receiver, and was wondering what that could be? Is the technology sufficiently open to work with any USB 433MHz receiver?

There are quite a few USB 433MHz receivers available, for example:

… are there any that work out of the box with the emonTX?

I think you might be faced with implementing JeeLib (or quite a lot of JeeLib) on whatever it is that the USB socket belongs to. But it’s not clear what comes of that module, there’s nothing that means much to me in what I can see there. We know the format of a JeeLib message (I published it in one of the supporting documents for the emonPiCM release), so if that appears in a buffer, then your decoding task is relatively easy.

I wouldn’t think so - JCW invented his message format a long time before Hope produced the RFM69, and their format is different, as I explain regarding the emonPiCM. I’d expect any commercial device produced to use Hope’s format.

The only other thought I have is an Arduino with a RFM69CW and a USB port, and run what is basically the emonGLCD receiver code on it.

I made a little adapter a while ago for adapting the RMF69Pi board to USB: Raspberry Pi FTDI shim — BigJungle Ltd, works quite well.