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US setup, just starting out - temp

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I received my kit yesterday. I have managed to get everything connected and readings from my power and solar are showing up. I might have to do somethings different since I’m on 120Volts but that will be for later. I also had some issues with the API link to and found that the read only key works whereas the Read/Write key didn’t, but I’m happy so far. I have two CTs and they are showing up in the INPUT list and feeds. The Temp sensor that plugs into the RJ45 next to the CTs doesn’t seem to be reporting anything in the inputs table yet. I checked over it a couple of times and it is plugged in fully and I’ve had the emonPi shutdown. Am I missing anything or do I have a sensor that isn’t working?

I’d link a picture but I’ve not yet seen that part yet.

Did you shut down just the Pi, or power down and power up? The emon part of the emonPi is designed to ignore the temperature sensor if it is not found at power-up. It doesn’t get reset if you only restart/reboot the Pi.
But you could have a non-working sensor - I have one where the fault is where the RJ45 is crimped onto the cable (I suspect it’s the wrong combination of RJ45 and wire size).

I don’t believe it - I’ve just checked mine and it appears that the labels on the API Help page are the wrong way round :open_mouth:
I’ve had my R/W key set in my emonhub.conf for a while - AND it’s in a NanodeRF file dating from 2013, and it’s labelled on as the Read only key. And I know it’s the one that allows me to write into the database.
@TrystanLea - please note!

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The read/write and read only keys appear to have been reversed in the input API helper screen after the most recent update. They are correct in the “my account” tab.

I informed @TrystanLea about it a few days ago.

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I’ve been pressing the indented peg that you have to use a pencil to reach. The display counts down … 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… And then tells me to wait a further 30 secs before unplugging it. I’ve had to move it a few times, so I’m good at that. CT1 and 2 were backwards, so I had to shut down and power off a couple of times at first to get readings.

I made sure it was fully inserted into the correctRJj45 Jack next to the 9V and CT sockets.

Any other way I can test?

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Not that I can think of, unless you have an emonTx that you can plug the sensor in to; or you have a 'scope and can interpret the OneWire bus data. :sunglasses:

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Stupid question, hopefully - that refers to the 5 V d.c.? (The 9 V a.c is not power, it’s only measuring the voltage.)

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I do have a emontx. I’ve not got that far in my kit. I did quickly ‘ooo and arrr’ over it but I’m at work now so I don’t recall if it has a rj45 port. That other thing you mentioned, yeah not got one of those. I’ll take a real look at the emontx tonight. Thanks for you help.

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I am aware that the 9v is for reading power. I’m pretty good at reading instructions, I write them for users at work so I try hard to be thorough reading what others have made the time to create. I unplug the 5v usb to power it down. And it’s not a stupid question at all. 90% of the “fixes” I perform at work are with users who rush through steps and shout that “it doesn’t work” when I can see within 1 min the missed a step. I went over the steps here quite a few times so that I’m not like my needy users at work. But I’m open to the possibility that I missed something. I’m not that smart, but I’m good at following along.

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I know how you feel… Mercifully, I’m retired and out of that.

If your emonTx is a recent one, then it will have the same RJ45 - in fact, the “emon” part of emonPi is a cut down version of the emonTx. It’s a long shot, but it’s unlikely that both emonPi and emonTx have a common fault.

i was able to remove the temp sensor from the emonpi and connect it to the emontx and it shows up on my inputs page as emontx3 with a input key of rssi and a value of -45. that is all I see though.

I’m going to power it down and unplug everything and remove the temp sensor then power it all back up and compare.

I get the same results. So this is good news, right? The emonpi is ok and the emontx is ok so it’s just the sensor that i need to look at. I’m going to get my old man glasses on and have a closer look at it to see if i can see anything wrong with the RJ45 plug to wires, if so I might be able to fix it.

i’ve emailed about the temp sensor not working. One good thing is that i need another CT so maybe I can just use some form of credit towards that but if not shipping shared cost could be something.