Uploading pre-compiled .hex firmware to emonTx V4 using windows and Avrdudess

It’s possible to use Avrdudess GUI to easily upload a pre-compiled .hex firmware file to an emonTx V4 (i.e AVR128DB48)

Plug the emonTx V4 into the windows computer (tested on windows 10), and install the USB driver as per the user guide: Configuration — OpenEnergyMonitor 0.0.1 documentation

Then download and install AVRDUDESS (tested V2.14) and use the following settings:

Note the -D additional command line args, this is important. You can use the ‘Detect’ function to avoid having to manually select the MCU.

Do you mean -V?


Oh that is terrible UI a checkbox to disable

Also doesn’t seem consistent with the command used



Oh, I see what you are saying, but why do you need this if there is a checkbox?


Ah I didn’t see the checkbox! Well spotted

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I thought I’d missed something :rofl:

Did it work for you? What do you think? I thought it seemed much easier than explaining to someone how to use avrdude command line.

Ovioulsy if someone is uploading an official pre-compiled FW then updating via the emonBase using the Emoncms GUI is easiest. Or if no emonBase is available using emonupload2, but this requires Linux.

No didn’t try it. If it works then yes, better than installing the IDE to do it.

I used it and it worked great!
Thanks for doing this Glyn.