Upgrading to ESP32 wifi


I have a prebuilt EmonEVSE that I had installed just before the ESP32 wifi modules were released (sigh). I’d like to enable TLS on the MQTT connection but I know that the ESP8266 module doesn’t have the resources to handle that, so I guess I’m looking to upgrade.

As far as I know, I’ll need to:

  • Update the firmware on the OpenEVSE itself, currently running 5.1.0.T2. This can’t be done over the air, I believe, and I’ll need one of these.
  • Remove the ESP8266 module and replace it with one of the ESP32 modules from the shop, which ought to be plug-and-play.


  • Is this all correct? Anything I’ve missed out?
  • I have no qualms about opening up the EmonEVSE to do this stuff, I’m an electronic engineer :slight_smile: but I’d like to check that in doing so I won’t be voiding any warranties or doing anything that’s technically against any regulations?

Thanks a lot!


as far as I am aware you do not need to update the firmware unless you are going to buy the latest V4 board (makes sense ) If you look at the last posts in this thread posted by me there is a set of instructions using the programming module you have listed. You may need to change the com port to the one your board picks. Upgrading OpenEVSE / EmonEVSE Controller Firmware using ISP programmer - Integrations / OpenEVSE - OpenEnergyMonitor Community after that it should be plug and play


It is the v4 WiFi firmware, irrespective of the ESP32 module it is running, on that needs the updated latest EVSE firmware.

Thanks both. And opening up the prebuilt EmonEVSE for flashing firmware and swapping out the WiFi module is simple and doesn’t void any warranties?

No, as long as you use the ESP32 WiFi module we supply and the official pre-compiled OpenEVSE controller firmware the warranty won’t be void. Please let us know your original order number when ordering the new module so we can be sure to include the correct wiring harness for the OpenEVSE controller hardware version you have.

The link above to buy ESP32 WiFi module is no longer working, and only the Ethernet module is listed at EV Chargepoints (EVSE) - EV Chargepoint Components - Shop | OpenEnergyMonitor. Are there any plans to restock the ESP32 module to allow us ESP8266 owners to upgrade?

It’s now the newer module - see Glyn’s post immediately above.

What I am pointing out is that the link in Glyn’s post above is not working…

It does for me - https://shop.openenergymonitor.com/openevse-wifi-gateway/

Ah, cool - it’s working now. For some reason it wasn’t working earlier or a few times in the past weeks when I tried.