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Upgrading OpenEVSE to LAN and latest firmwares

I have OpenEVSE with ESP32, wifi firmware rev 3.3.2, OpenEVSE firmware rev 5.1.0 EU.

I’d like to get all the firmware up to the latest, and I’d also like to upgrade to the ESP-32 gateway version that supports a LAN connection.

I quite often get the MQTT connection dropping, and sometimes I have to restart the whole unit to connect to the web page, I put this down as most likely being due to poor Wi-Fi reception by the ESP32, it is on the outside of the wall on the opposite side of the house to the router. It is reporting -78dBm which is not great.

So I will order the ESP32 Gateway module, which presumably will come with the latest Wi-Fi firmware installed? (I see V4.1.1 as the latest on GitHub)

I will also want to update the OpenEVSE firmware to the latest - I am seeing V7.1.3.EU on GitHub.

I have 3 questions, which I hope somebody can help me with:

  1. I understand I will need a USB programmer device to do this update via the ISP. Could somebody point me to a source of a suitable device for this?

  2. I found the instructions for updating the OpenEVSE firmware. They show the OpenEVSE module being programmed standalone, is it therefore necessary to remove the module from the charger to update the firmware, or can it safely be done in situ, by plugging the progammer into the module without removing it from the charger?

  3. Which should I update first, the ESP32 hardware and/or firmware, or the OpenEVSE firmware, or does it matter?



to answer the questions in order

1 yes you will need a programmer if you look at this thread you will see which one I used and also some instructions Upgrading OpenEVSE / EmonEVSE Controller Firmware using ISP programmer - Integrations / OpenEVSE - OpenEnergyMonitor Community

2 You can do the update with the module connected, I did it with the power on just be careful as whilst you can power it from the program module it needs some config changes which I could not be bothered with.

3 Yes you need to do the firmware update before changing the ESP module as 4.x needs 7x and above


Thanks John, I’ve now read that thread you referred me to - useful info. I’ll order the usb programmer and the ESP32 gateway today.

I believe that the ESP32 gateway can still be used to connect via Wi-Fi until I get that Ethernet cable run?

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Yes it will.

John’s correctly answered your other questions. Happy to help if you have any issues.

I recently completed the wired LAN gateway upgrade, and found the new gateway has far far better WiFi reception than the original anyway. I’ll be interested if others have found this too.
I have the defunct WiFi gateway packaged up to return to check if there was an issue with it.