Upgrading Information

I am having problems creating feeds on my 9.2 self install installation, so I want to upgrade to the latest stable 9.7.6

I checked the upgrade instructions and they seem a little old. I have seen some problems raised during upgrades and I wondered if the upgrade instructions could be updated (for me and others) with fixes for common issues post upgrade and anything else that might have changed such as feed engines.

I also note that I have redis running but I am not sure the latest release actually needs it.


Hi Brian
Many of the upgrade problems in the forum relate to upgrades from v8.x to v9.x due to the vast number of changes that occurred between the two.

As far as I’m aware, your upgrade process should be simple calling a ‘git pull’ from your emoncms directory, but as with all updates/upgrades it would be wise to back everything up first, so you can always roll back.

What specifically is concerning you, can you share links?

If you take a look through the releases list, you can see what major changes have been made between 9.2 & 9.7 and probably the most obvious change is that ‘dashboard’, ‘app’ and other modules are no longer included in the core emoncms package, and have to be cloned into your ‘Modules’ directory (after upgrading the core). This means that when you upgrade, git will remove your existing modules, but don’t panic! your saved dashboards are safely stored in MYSQL and will restore once you add the dashboard module.

It is recommended to have redis running, but emoncms can function without it, if it’s a problem.


Those upgrade notes are written for users upgrading from Emocnms 8 > 9.

Upgrading from 9.2 to 9.7.6 will just be a matter of running a $ git pull in your emoncms folder then via the web interface running database upgrade to check for any changes (I don’t think there are).

Doing a MYSQL dump backup is always a good idea.

I’ll see if I’m feeling brave this weekend :slight_smile:

@glyn.hudson Clearly it isn’t that simple as at the very least I need to bring in additional modules. I was just wondering what else I may have to do.

Were there some changes to the mqtt input process as well?


its not that bad, my installation is a mish-mash of different revisions of stuff that have been in place since V6.

the database structure has stayed the same (mostly) throughout and any changes in it were additions.
As for the modules, your old ones should work fine (mine did), I however first ran the following things before testing this last weekend

I already had a emoncmsTesting folder, however to create one (assuming linux)

cd /var/www/html
cp emoncms emoncmsTesting

this creates the emoncmsTesting folder, with the contents of the old installation of emoncms

I then did a git pull which updated the base install of emoncms to the latest.

git pull

Finally I then moved into the Modules folder
cd Modules

Moved the dashboard and app folder out of the way, I moved to my home folder, but anywhere out of the installation will be fine.

mv dashboard /home/pi/
mv app /home/pi/

Then did a git clone of the new modules

git clone https://github.com/emoncms/dashboard.git
git clone https://github.com/emoncms/app.git

I now test emoncmsTesting and then once happy, will move the old emoncms out of the way, and the testing into the new one

mv emoncms emoncms.old && cp emoncmsTesting emoncms

This is how mine went, yours should be similar, but back it all up first is my best advice


Nice work!

Instead of moving the app and dashboard modules then re-cloning you could just update them with a git pull:

$ cd /var/www/emoncms/Modules/app
$ git pull
$ cd /var/www/emoncms/Modules/dashboard
$ git pull

only reason I do this is to give a backup if it was not compatible. I work with Linux at work, and bricked machines more than once by not backup up the changes. :smiley: Im a little over cautious at times now.

Sure a backup is always a good idea! However, the Modules folder was included in the full folder backup you did:

cd /var/www/html
cp emoncms emoncmsTesting