Upgrading from emonSD-03May16, low-write 9.8.31 | 2018.06.21

Ok bit stuck and I am sure I am missing something obvious.

I am running 9.8.31 on an emonpi, SD image is emonSD-03May16. Not upgraded in a while, so just ran the upgrade and this is what I now have (think I was on a slightly earlier 2017 release before the update, can’t find where in the logs this is recorded).

Clearly the latest is currently 10.2.1 but this is not pulled down, I went back through release notes from 9.8.31 to 10.2.1 and can see no special notes - do I need to update the base image Rasbian to run the latest?

I should make clear I do not want to re-image the SD card because that would involve re-customising everything as this system has been in place for 5 years and I don’t want to try and remember all the things I changed.

I don’t get any errors from the upgrade, is there a limit to 9.x for older kernel or image?

Any pointers appreciated :slight_smile:

I think I am safe in saying that an update from the May 16 base image is not going to be easily done. I’m reasonably sure this is a Jessie image and that is 2 behind the current OS version and very definitely end of life.

There is also a very strong possibility that the SD card will shortly die - I’m surprised it has lasted this long!

I think you are out of luck there. I very much doubt the update will actually work and run.

If you have not done it lately, take a backup ASAP!!

Do you mean emoncms customisations, or changes to the base OS? Depending on what the customisations are, they may not work with the latest version. Note, the old image had Node-RED and OpenHab installed - these are no longer installed.

@TrystanLea - can you confirm if the feed format will need converting from this base image?

Your best bet is a new SD card, new image and import via the USB import method (a search should throw that up).

See I said not to say that :smile:

I wondered as much, partly it means I have to get another SD and take it off the wall and open up etc, and partly because it means hassle to set all up again.

The SD card I think has failed once in 5 years, just checked and the read only FS works well:
[email protected]:~ $ sudo tune2fs -l /dev/mmcblk0p2 | grep Lifetime
Lifetime writes: 13 GB

That’s well within life, at least with a new card you can go backwards.

The system backs up every night to NAS, its more about remembering to restore all the backup scripts, and the tweaks to the SMA inverter reporting if they are not in the backup (hope they are).

Will have to take the plunge - want to be running latest before I post to triage my other issue of poor accuracy readings (my consumption tracks up and down with generation, the cables are not together or close coupled, but something is not right. I also have a detached garage with its own emontx and something does not add up).

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Oh and thanks for the reply as well :slight_smile:

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Ok ordered new SD card, sure I had spares but could not find any, they arrived yesterday went in the draw for the SD reader… and found a spare 16GB card!

Will have a try to move to current release then restore backup and upgrade to latest.

If you haven’t started already, after first boot go and make a cup of coffee and leave for a while for all the updates to run. Shutting it down before it has finished can be fatal!

Thanks for the tip Brian, I might put the new card in a spare Pi and let it chew on that for a bit before I swap it into the EmonPi (always fun to take it apart, and one of my clamps is in the fuse board so I have to be careful not to leave the clamp disconnected under load)

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