Upgrading from 17Oct19

I’ve got an older emonpi collecting data from a few with emonTx3 units that was running on the emonSD version 17Oct19. I had an SD card failure and I’m trying to determine if I should reload with the same emonSD version or if its worth upgrading to the latest stable version 10Nov22 best I can tell. Is it worth the trouble of upgrading? I see some of the emonhub interfacers have since changed and I invested fair bit of time calibrating the sensors - wondering if that work will be cast away.

Any insight would be helpful.


We always suggest going with the latest version, and wherever possible staying up to date as new versions come along.

Have you got any access to your old data and your emonhub.conf particularly, inputs processing, dashboards etc, or has everything gone?
And how did you calibrate the sensors, directly in the emonTx V3’s or in emonHub? - If you did it in the emonTx V3, then it will still be there and right, if you’ve got it written down, you can transfer those numbers into the new emonhub.conf and it will still be right; but if it was only saved in emonhub.conf and you’ve lost this, I’m afraid you will need to re-calibrate.

I do have access to the old emonhub.conf file which is where I was applying corrections to the emonpi data - cal for the emonTx data is indeed stored on those units. Given the recommended upgrade from 17Oct19, can you point me to some guidance on translating the interfacers/node defs in my 17Oct19 version to 10Nov22? Is my old emonhub.conf expected to be imported as is?


You should be able to just use the old configuration. On import of a backup to emoncms, something weird seems to happen with the old emonhub config and it doesn’t come across correctly.

We can usually tell you what you need to change if you tell us which software version is sending the data, or an example of the data, or your old emonhub.conf.

Mostly, things have been extended and added in the newer distributed versions of emonhub.conf, so it’s a matter of knowing or spotting what’s been added and needs to come out.

I’ve flashed the 10Nov22 image onto my SD card to test the upgrade process and edited the image’s default emonhub.conf file with the configuration copied here. None of the inputs are recognized on the Emoncms’s “Inputs” page and the logs don’t display readings from the CT sensors on the emonpi or Tx3 (see log copied here). FWIW, I don’t have nodes 16-20 actively powered at the moment (only 5 and 15).

Would you let me know what you think the issue might be?

emonhub_17Oct19.conf.txt (5.6 KB)
emonhub.log.txt (3.4 KB)

Hello @cjb I assume you have tried a full power cycle? Try removing the power completely from the emonPi.

I wonder if the firmware of the emonPi itself has been updated inadvertently and this has modified the radio settings… you could try re uploading the firmware using the firmware upload tool on the emonPi:

It would be very helpful if the r.f. library in use were to be logged.

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The firmware update did the trick. I had originally tried loading a fresh image of the 17Oct19 build - it self-initiated an update and I noticed the LCD display stopped functioning and after power cycle there was some kind of ill-behavior of the display. So I suspect the firmware was borked by that event. With my previous SD card (before it failed), I had never experienced an auto-update so I was a bit surprised when I encountered the “UPDATING - Do Not Unplug” message.

In any case, the latest build seems to have resolved the issue. Many thanks for your help!

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