Upgrading 9.3.1 to 9.4

Is it OK to upgrade directly by overwriting the emoncms folder or do I need to do anything to the datafiles/database as well?
[Currently on 9.3.1 plus dashboard, hosted with PHP 5.5, no redis]

if it is self hosted … always take a backup before upgrading (golden rule number one)
Emoncms is now at 9.7.2
I did some upgrades by overwriting the files but making sure the config file isn’t overwritten and if using PHPFINA etc, making sure these directories are not affected.
And last but not least, if you made some manual tweaks, you most probably will have to redo those.

Hi Eric

That’s weird - I thought I’d found the latest github. Obviously not!

OK, I’ll back up the data files and load emoncms to a new directory. I’ll make sure the config is OK, then rename it back to emoncms when I’m happy. SQL backups are a bit more tricky for me…

What’s the issue with “PHPFINA etc”? Is it just to make sure the config points to them?
I’ve not tweaked the s/w but I believe I’ll have to reload the dashboard module which I think is at GitHub - emoncms/dashboard: dashboard module for emoncms


phphfina is another way to store your data (outside a sql database). Those are files on the disk, but you seem not to use this so shouldn’t be a problem.
A thread talking about data storage type