Upgrade to the newest firmware and hardware

Hello all, I’ve had my unit for about 5 years and want to upgrade due to having to restart the wifi often.

I’ve got the old esp8266 unit running version

My hardware firmware is : 4.8.0

What wifi module should I buy and what will I need to be able and update the hardware firmware?

Any help would be useful as my unit still works great minus this wifi problem.

Thank you

To run the latest firmware, you will need to upgrade the WiFi module hardware:

If you choose to order a new module, please leave a comment at checkout that you would like it to be compatible with the older V5.0 controller

Would I be able to upgrade my current module to the newest firmware… I’m not talking about the wifi unit. I’m asking if I can do that prior to installing the new esp32

Yes, you can update the EVSE controller FW. This requires an ISP programmer, but there’s not much to be gained, there’s been no significant changes to the EVSE FW

It was more about bringing it all to current. Is there a programmer on the site?