Upgrade to emonPi, query on extra feed totalisation and reset

I have upgraded from a emonBase/emonTX setup to an emonPi as mentioned in a previous post a few days ago. One of the reasons for the revamp has been prompted by my son getting himself a charger fitted for his new electric car. I have the emonPi setup ok and the inputs are mapped to the existing feeds in emoncms.org . These are all showing on the existing Node 10 in emoncms.org even though the emonPi is Node 5. I didn’t want to create a new feed as there is over 2 years of history in the old emonBase feed. If it is possible to move them or rename them as Node 5 it would help.

The main question is an extra CT input I have now that is monitoring the current to the EV charger. It is displaying fine but is there a way to create two more feeds from this input to show accumulated KWh and another showing cost (15.11p per KWh) but somehow reset these feeds to zero when needed around once per month.

Hello @Roblister
Are you able to map the new node 5 inputs from the emonpi to the old feeds?
You should also be able to create two new feeds for the EV charger, select log to feed and power to kWh, see Calculating Daily kWh - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

Thank’s Trystan, I have mapped the new node 5 inputs onto the old node 10 feeds. They are appearing as node 10 in the feed list still which is a bit confusing but workable. I have the new EV charger feeds showing fine and experimenting with the daily-kwh setup.