Upgrade emonPi, emonCMS very old

I have an emonTx V3 connected to an emonPi over the network. Not using radio freq.

Everything is working great, but I have not update the firmware/software on this unit since:


I need to upgrade it, and I was thinking about replacing the SD card with a larger/more industrial. I do not want space to run out, and I do not want SD card failure to happen.

I also need to backup the data. Right now I just did Setup, Backup, and I am about to download the backup. If I upgrade, and the upgrade fails…would this be enough data to restore everything?

The only thing I have done was add the emonTX to feed via wifi as far as any crazy customizations go. The rest is just graphs and dashboards.

What is the quickest way to upgrade this device without failure? Also, how do I replace the SD card?

Here are some screenshots of the hardware I ordered, and have setup:


If you are starting again with a new SD Card, then even if the backup to a file fails, or the restore to the new SD Card also fails, you still have the original SD Card to start again.

I believe all data and settings belonging to emonCMS are backed up, but I’m not a RPI or emonCMS expert, so I cannot be absolutely certain this is the case.

Get a T20 (Torx) screwdriver or bit and undo the 4 screws securing the end plate at the push-button end. The SD Card is immediately beneath the button. If it’s a very old Pi, it might be a standard size SD Card, otherwise it’s likely to be a micro-SD Card. The card holder might be the push-to-eject type, or you might need tweezers to get hold of the card to pull it out.
When putting the screws back, take care to find the original thread the screw cut, otherwise it might not go in straight.

The absolute safest way to start afresh is just to buy a new SD card (32GB/64GB is plenty). Download the latest EmonSD image from the website and flash it onto the new card. Shutdown the EmonPi. Remove the old SD card, pop the new one in. Stick the old SD card into a card reader and plug that into the Pi. Boot the Pi, it’ll start the new version of EmonCMS off the new card. Go into the setting and import the old setting and data from the SD card. Depending on the amount of data you have already, it’ll be going in a few mins.
Do check everything is set up correctly and the data is coming in OK and is being stored OK (it should be fine). Then it’s back to business as usual.

Is there any reason not to upgrade to a newer raspberry pi? I wanted eventually to start using node red/etc.

What rpi version is supported by the case that came with my emonpi?

It looks like I can make it to v3: emonPi / emonBase Raspberry Pi 3 - Blog | OpenEnergyMonitor

I don’t use wifi, but I suppose is there a place to purchase the plastic plates? I do not see anything here: https://shop.openenergymonitor.com/development-boards/

It looks like I have:


As this is /proc/cpuinfo:

RTFM :slight_smile:

or even

You can hardly blame people who don’t know whether to search the forum, look in the Guide, Learn, Resources or Github for a particular bit of information. I sometimes need to look in all of those plus my private crib notes before I find something that a correspondent asks about.

I did put a smile in and “Upgrade and Update” is on the first page of the Guide…

I was asking more about if I should upgrade the hardware of the unit. The new RPI would fit, but I need the PLASTIC sides that fit the new form factor. The software upgrade instructions make a ton of sense.

I think that’s a question for @TrystanLea or @Gwil

My advice is, don’t. The existing Pi is more than enough for emoncms.

The advice is always, to not add other things to the EmonPi image/sysyem but to run them on a separate device. So, by all means, get a new Pi to run Node-RED etc, but use it separately to the EmonPi.

That makes a ton of sense, but I think I still see a problem. When/if I will hit a wall with the current Model B Revision 2.0 that is in there. No out of ram errors etc?

One of the big reasons I am asking is that is that it looks like more, and more software is coming pre installed? For all the integrations it says pre it is installed, but it does not say post it is not. It just says it is not. I would have to assume that every version past would NOT be installed:

Thanks for all the excellent replies so far! I only want to use this for emonCMS/electric stuff. I would put all the other ‘integrations’ on vms or other devices.

I run Emoncms on a Pi Zero - it won’t happen (any time soon).

The opposite is true. Various additional things were installed previously but theses had a nasty habit of upsetting the Emoncms install, so it was stopped. Install other things at your risk.

That doesn’t make sense.

@TrystanLea - I think this part of the guide should be reworded to discourage the installation of Node-RED on an Emoncms install.

Assumptions are the mother of all F%^$£ ups.

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This is one of top forums in my opinion. I have posted on many. If you guys want to come up with some place to donate I will send some $.

I just ordered one of these:


Hi Everyone,

I went to flash an SD card this morning, and right in the docs it says that the image is only:


Is this really true? If this is so, I suppose I HAVE to upgrade the RPI device inside of my purchased emonPi?

I can’t speak for the very latest version, but the version I have, which calls itself “emonSD-24Jul20” happily runs on a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Rev 1.1 - 1GB (Sony UK) with the emonPiCM front end software.

As far as I know, it’s true; but the list is not exclusive.

No I don’t think so - @glyn.hudson @TrystanLea

The base image for RaspianOS works on any Pi and this image is built on that base image.

I’ve updated the page to state: Compatible with Raspberry Pi 2, 3, 3B+, 4 & Pi Zero
I had only personally tested with the 3B+ and 4 but Robert and Brian’s feedback suggest its fine on the Pi2 and pretty sure Pi Zero is right too?

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I concur. I’ve run many versions of EmonSD, and now the latest, on a Pi2 just fine.