Updating the 'Guide' documentation

(Brian Orpin) #1

I would like to do some updates to the documentation especially around new users getting setup. I understand that it is built from the source using Jekyll.

  1. If I take a fork, is it possible for me to build it somewhere so I can review changes ‘live’?
  2. I note there is a mix of markup and HTML. Is this simply a legacy of where it came from or is it deliberate? If a legacy, can I presume there would be no objection to making it all markdown?

(Glyn Hudson) #2

Yes, you can run the full site locally. Just follow:

HTML will just pass straight through as HTML, markdown will be converted to static HTML by Jekyll (Octopress actually). Be sure not to mix the two e.g putting markdown into a html tag won’t work, the markdown won’t be converted

Markdown is the best if possible since it’s easier to edit and read. We sometimes fall back to html for some more advanced formatted