Updating the firmware from 2.3.0

I have had a emon ESP for quite a while. I need to get it working again, it has a few broken feeds to the main website.

What is the best way to update the firmware?

Is there anyway to use the ‘upload’ button on the interface?

I am seeing the emonESP as a network node on my Arduino IDE, so I guess there is someway I can do it there?

Hello @gck303, the upload button doesnt work on the older versions Im afraid. I’ve not had much luck with the network mode, not that I’ve spent much time trying it. I usually use a USB to UART programmer and upload the firmware using the platformio instructions in the readme GitHub - openenergymonitor/EmonESP: ESP8266 WIFI serial to emoncms link

Thank you.

I will give it a go. I do not currently have a UART programmer setup, so it looks like an evening’s fiddling to get everything working. Plus, I have to unscrew it from the wall.

My progress so far:

  • I have got my Ubuntu 20 laptop up and running. I normally use Win10, and installing anything looked rather involved.
  • I have got python 2.7.18 installed. PIP is installed and all the requirements are downloaded.
  • I have created a /home/pi directory and get the emonUpload tool from git. This no opens and gives me no errors. It downloads the latest updates when starting up.

Now, I am stumped on the UART programmer and connecting it to the emontx3 device. My UART programmer looks identical to the one mentioned in this video.

Do I need to add the button and jumper lead at 3:17?

How do I connect the UART to me emon tx3?

Thanks, George

Hello @gck303 aha it will be a bit more fiddly with that programmer as it’s designed for a different pin/connector configuration. If you can find the pinout digram you should be able to jumper across, though you will need male to female jumper wires to do that.

Alternatively it’s a bit easier with a programmer with a standard uart connector e.g ours here: