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Updating of readings just stopped

My EMONCMS in the EMONPi was running really well.
I have created a bunch of very useful reports for myself to monitor power production use and in/out feed to the grid.

We do have regular grid failures and with most, my power stays on but sometimes the earth leakage falls and the EMONPi does not get power- Not very often, but it does happen.

I have not changed ANYTHING on the EmonPi for a LOOONG time.

On 3 Nov, no grid failures the feed-in to Node1 (The only one I am using) just stopped updating.

If I scroll back in history on my graphs the data is still available, but NOTHING since 3 Nov around 15h42

If I open the page IP_Address//emoncms/config/view it seems to me the readings still goes to the MQTT server, as the new readings keep scrolling up.

What are my options if I would like to keep the data?

Can I e.g. can I download the data
Reconfigure a fresh MicroSD card
upload previous values and reports configuration files (Yes it will be missing a few days data)


is there a “rebuild” software or perhaps “Upgrade” function I can try?

Thank you in advance for any help.

Kind Regards


I can’t help with getting your system going again - the software internal to the Pi is largely outside my knowledge.

I can however say that accumulating experience suggests that it isn’t the power failure that causes a problem, but spikes and surges associated with it, and a surge protector can be very helpful in reducing, if not eliminating, the problems you seem to have experienced.

Thank you for your valuable inputs.

AS I have mentioned I do have an inverter with Litho Batteries, so I dought if spikes could have been the cause.

Bear in mind the data is still intact, it is just the NODE1 that does consume the data from the sensors anymore

But you wrote

There is still a switching event happening there.

Is there anything on the Admin page that suggests a service has stopped. I repeat, I don’t really have much idea how the software inside the Pi works, you need someone who knows, to help you.

Further testing revealed the following:-

Since I have an MQTT & Node-RED server running for my house IoT I tried the Node-RED to connect to the Emon MQTT and I was successful.

From the additional Node-RED server, I can read data sent by the EmonPI and EmonTX3.

So to @Robert.Wall , it seems like the service is running - but I have no idea what to do to fix the problem I have.

Any suggestions from th epeople in the know!

@borpin or @glyn.hudson
Apologies to drop in but I need your expert help.

As you can see I am a happy user of EmonPi for a very long period. It suddenly stopped updating my graphs and dials and that leaves me being a sitting duck trying to figure out what is going on with my solar system.

If I download the stable image (emonSD pre built SD card Download & Change Log · openenergymonitor/emonpi Wiki · GitHub) and burn on a new 16GB Micro SD card what would be the easiest method to get all my existing inputs and graphs and dials on the new environment.
Is there perhaps a folder I can copy across to migrate to the new Micro SD Card?

The alternative would be if I can put the current Micro SD card in an RPi 3B and start it up and log into the Emoncms admin see the setup and then redo everything, OR would it be possible to SSH into the emoncms and copy the input, graphs and dashboard files to the new SD Card running on the newly built EmonPi.

I have for my use a perfect set of dashboards I use daily.

Then would it be possible to copy data across, or is there a risk I damage the new environment database if I do that?

Your pointers/guidance is highly appreciated and respected, so I will really appreciate it if you are willing to help/guide me.

I am willing to document the steps with screenshots as well as I can so you can use them in your Q&A manual.

Kind Regards


@TrystanLea should also be able to help.

I’m afraid I can’t, this is outside my area of knowledge.

This should be fixable I presume you do not have any active inputs. What do the logs say?

Try completely shutting the EmonPi down (don’t just unplug) - then remove all power Ac and DC, then power it back up.

Keep an eye on the emoncms and emonhub logs and see what they say from boot.

Are you just using an EmonPi?


Thanks for your quick response,

You are correct: No active inputs.

Give me 15 minutes let me do exactly that.

Shutdown 1…2…3…4 etc, unplug, wait re plug and start



The EmonPi successfully did the shutdown and reboot.

The Emonhub is showing all the topics being reported

Under feeds, the two that I use are showing: inactive

In Administration: Services:-
All Active Running.

The ONLY Value in the dashboards showing now and before is the Voltage.

It’s getting late here, I will check your recommendations tomorrow.

Thanks for the help so far Brian



Can you post a log extract, please.

So the feeds come from any inputs you have.

What does the input page look like?