Updating from low-write 9.8.7 2017.06.16

I was wondering how I can update my existing emoncms, it came from Raspberry automatization ISO for Solar - DIY Tech & Repairs but I would like to tryout the Octopus Agile app


Hello @myozone, can you update it via admin page? Do you know how the emoncms installation is installed?

Hi Trystan thanks for the reply. Nothing in the admin page that updates, I tried ‘Update and Check’ but that obviously has more to do the with database. sorry no idea now the SD image was made which is a not that helpful - sorry.

This is probably a Rasbian Jessie based system, so some of the most recent EmonCMS updates (re systemd) are not compatible I think. In addition, Jessie will be out of LTS next year.

You would be best to export the data and start with a fresh image but I am not clear if you can do that with an update from your original image source as that includes other things and may require other systems data to be exported.

Under ‘setup’ is there a backup option?

I think you’d be best ask the originator of that image.

As an aside, this is exactly why I now run all the different parts of my system on different machines - running everything on one instance or physical device will always eventually run into these sort of issues.

Hi Brian,I think your right. In fact I have 3 pi’s 2 are running Node-red and one running FreePBX. The one we are talking about runs Grafana and Influxdb but in a lot a ways emoncms is all round better albeit with ‘chunky’ graphs.
As with most things this has more evolved rather than planned and I might be better off downloading a new SD image and start afresh as you said.

No backup option under setup, It would be a shame to loose data but the end the world. I’ll try asking the original developer but I’m not holding out much luck.

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You should be able to run a script manually to extract the EmonCMS data and the setup information.

Key question is how does the data get to EmonCMS? HTTP API or MQTT? Is there an RFM board?

The data comes from the other PI reading temperature from DS1820’s directly and also a ESP8266(temps/pressure) and ESP32 (meter flashes) MQTT

How do you transfer the data. MQTT?


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Ok, should not be too difficult to export data and import it to a fresh install. Just probably need to get the MQTT broker information correct.