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Updated emonSD-03May16 after 2 years, and now no log file, no backup

I updated after not touching emoncms for a couple of years.

I now get a log file error on the admin page and I can’t see the backup option.

I could start with a new image, but I’d prefer to keep the data and the feed setup.

Can my installation be fixed or should I start with a fresh image. How can I export/restore the data and feeds?

Thanks for any pointers.


I am surprised it did update - that base image is very old.

It is too difficult to debug - create a new SD card and import your data.


Thank you for the reply. I’ve now done exactly that with a fresh image, and USB import, and now have all my data back.

Lots of new stuff to play with by the looks of it - I’m sure I’ll be back with questions :slight_smile:



The issue there is that the oldest images do not check to see if updating is suitable before doing so. It’s only after the emonpi repo has updated that it then knows to “check first” but it’s too late by that time.