Updated emoncms datapoint editor

A long time ago in the early days of Emoncms, two tools found under ‘Visualization’ called Edit realtime and Edit daily were created for editing feed data. These have both been in various states of repaired/broken for some time.

I’ve made a couple of improvements to get these working again and consolidated the two separate tools into a single ‘Editor’ tool. Improvements include:

  • Its now possible to edit multiple data points via the CSV window, it’s easy to copy data out from here into a spreadsheet, apply changes and paste it back in.
  • The functionality to edit datapoints only becomes available when you are zoomed in to the same interval as the underlying data, this ensures that the datapoints in the window are all visible.
  • It’s easier to switch between feeds and keep the same window of time, can be useful if you need to cross reference a change in one feed with another.
  • PHPTimeSeries and MYSQL TimeSeries engine editing now works again as the original timestamp is preserved and returned to the editor when using the editor tool.

I am considering moving the editor tool perhaps from ‘Visualizations’ to something like /feed/edit accessible from the feed list. I may update with that soon. This is still in the master branch, not yet in stable or on emoncms.org.


May I suggest that from my experience of using the edit real time, that as we are editing points, that you show the points rather than a line? Or at least have the option.