Updated EmonCMS and my timing is now messed up

I host my own EmonCMS server. It was time for an update which I did. I copied my data over to the new subdomain, I updated the database and it seemed to work, but when I view the feeds it says they were last updated thousands of seconds ago. Any suggestions?

Are those last update times in the future?

What is the current time and timezone on your emonCMS host? Is it correct?

Yeah. It’s strange. Its on the same server and the time is set correct.

On the same server as what? The old server or the source of the data?

Where does the data come from ?

What does the inputs page look like?

What type of feeds are these?

What is the difference between the 2 groups of feeds that are the incorrect time and the one’s that are in active?

Have you set the timezone in emoncms?

What is this hosted on? Is it the same host as the old emoncms? Have you updated anything else on the host?