Update options for 9.3

What (if?!) are my update options for an install of emoncms 9.3 (date 2015.12.30) that’s on an Apache webserver rather than a Pi? After backing it all up I tried git pull in the webroot folder but it reported:

fatal: Not a git repository (or any parent up to mount point /data)
Stopping at filesystem boundary (GIT_DISCOVERY_ACROSS_FILESYSTEM not set).

The Update & check button on the Admin page only does database updates.


I’m not an emoncms expert, however there have been significant changes between versions and I think the recommendation will be to back everything and then your data separately, install the latest version and then restore the data. I can’t help you with the details, but I’m sure they have been posted here fairly recently.

That is not a simple answer. I’ve been trying to help folk update with mixed results (have a look back through the threads). A great deal has changed since the release you are running.

We’ll need to know a bit more about the setup you have, how much data (how long have you been collecting), why on a server instead of a Pi, how you use it etc.

I feel the best way to update from older installs, is to start from scratch, preferably with a fresh install of Ubuntu18LTS, but running alongside your existing system. I’ve been using (and helping develop) the EmonScripts which is designed to be some scripts that will help with installing on ‘other’ Unix based systems. I’ve used this recently with quite a bit of success on a VM though it is not perfect right now.

Certainly I’d advise against doing a git pull.

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A while since this post but in case its of help to others, I have just managed to jump from 9.3 to the very latest release (10.2.6).

  1. I backed up the entire webroot to another folder, emptied the webroot folder and unzipped the downloaded code file from git into it.
  2. Copied default-settings.php to settings.php and edited it, basing it on what I was using in 9.3
  3. Grabbed the code for emoncmsdbupdate.php and created that as a new file in the webroot - then had to add the mySQL server credentials as it looks like that script doesn’t read them in.
  4. Ran emoncmsdbupdate.php from the command line.
  5. Lastly, had to relocate the new emoncms.log file (this is being hosted on a shared webserver) and noted that I needed to add a new parameter to the relevant section of settings.php - thus:
    // Log Level: 1=INFO, 2=WARN, 3=ERROR
    “level” => 2,
    “location” => “/data/www/my_domain/logs”

It seems to be logging data OK. I added the graph module and the graphs work OK. But all of my users’ visualisations have vanished. And I’m not sure if its related but I’m getting an awful lot of these lines in the emoncms.log file:

WARN|index.php|406 Not Acceptable|myip/set

I guess a URL has changed?

This is depreciated - use the ini files instead.

There are linked files that are created by the install scripts for some services IIRC, plus some of the file structure architecture has changed so there is a good chance something is broken!

Visualisations now working - hadn’t installed the Dashboard module.

Regards settings files, the readme file on the git page still suggests you need to use settings.php:

Create a new settings.php file from the new installations default.settings.php file.
Open settings.php in an editor:
$ nano settings.php
Enter in your database and any other relevant settings as required.

@glyn.hudson, @TrystanLea,

Please note:

Can you post a link to that page please.

Search results. Some of these documents are Archived so no longer to be used.

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