Update emonPi script issue

Glyn - I just did an update EmonPi and came across a small issue . There are two areas in the update script for the /home/pi/backup update. In the emonpiupdate.log, one is near line 30 and one is near line 145.

near line 30:


near line 145:


here is the log file for reference.:
2016-08-25 at 12-36-47 - emonpiupdate.log.txt (4.1 KB)

Well spotted @Jon!
I’ve sent @glyn.hudson a git-pull request to remove the duplicate.


I’m glad you knew which one to delete! :slight_smile:

Well unless Glyn has other ideas, it seemed more logical to remove the ‘update’ script section, because the ‘emoncmsupdate’ script already updates a number of emoncms modules - wifi, dashboard, app etc. (…and also installs the backup module if it isn’t present).


Thanks! Good spot

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FYI - I am not sure if the git pull request made it through and was approved but wanted you to know there are still two git pull /home/pi/backup areas in the emonPi update.

Did you run update twice?

The first time you run it, it will be the existing update routine already on your emonPi, then when you run update again, the updated update routine will be used.

Yes. I’ve run it a few times. I am following the graph updates Trystan and you are discussing Emoncms Graph module developments

PS - I really like the new graph changes!