Unwanted older Raspberry Pi's?

(Glyn Hudson) #1

I have been contacted by a local teacher (@tamsin a significant contributor to the Emoncms Android app :smiley: ) who is running a to help teach children the basics of programming. They are struggling for funding to purchase the hardware they require. They contacted us to see if we had any older unwanted RaspberryPi’s. We had a few, which we have donated but not enough.

If you have any older (but working) raspberry pi’s which you no longer need/use and would be happy to donate to CodeClub, please contact me and I will arrange shipping.

(stuart) #2

Have they contacted the Raspberry PI foundation directly? They have a very large educational channel and may have kit available.

(Glyn Hudson) #3

I don’t think the foundation make donations directly themselves, they just try and make the Pi as cheap as possible. I did hear that Google donated 15,000 raspberrypi’s to UK schools back in 2013!

(Celso Henriques) #4

I 've send a email to FSF to see what they could do. Lets hope they are able to help him.

(Glyn Hudson) #5

Thanks, a lot! We don’t need many any just a handful to get the local code club off the ground. I thought it would be a good use for any old (Pi1’s?) that could be collecting dust on shelves somwhere.

(Simon) #6

I’ve got one Glyn in a case. Also some sdcards.

Let me know where to send it to.


(Glyn Hudson) #7

Thanks! Could you send it to our shop address (see bottom of this page):

Do you have an account on our shop? Let me know how much the postage was and I’ll credit your account with 1.5x the shipping cost (to thank you for helping).

Cheers :slight_smile:

(Celso Henriques) #8

Well, unfortunatly <-- ( not sure if is well translated) the Free Software Foundation can’t help. Here is their response:

"What a great project!

Unfortunately, the FSF can’t help acquire Raspberry Pis, because they require nonfree software in order to start up: That said, I wonder if Glyn can apply for local grants focused on STEM education - that might be a great way to acquire the funds to buy the hardware he needs.

Best of luck,

Georgia Young
Program Manager
Free Software Foundation"

(Simon) #9

No worries about the postage Glyn. I’ll get it sent off tomorrow.

Not sure if it would help but is there a way to actually email everyone on the forum with a charitable request like this? Not everyone looks every day, so your post will gradually drop off the list of latest posts - and not everyone looks at latest either I guess. So maybe not many of the forum have actually seen the request. And there must be a lot of spare Pis around.


(Glyn Hudson) #10

Thanks so much @Bramco! There probably is a way to email everyone but I don’t really want to spam users. I’m sure most users will have seem the post.

Thanks again :blush:

(Simon) #11

Only replying to bump this to the top of the ‘latest’ list :slight_smile:

Come on guys there must be loads of you with unused old pi’s sitting around that you could donate.

And it’s in the post Glyn.


(Dafydd Hirst) #12

what flavor of pi are you after . Have a spare pi 1 they can have somware ill dig it out

(Glyn Hudson) #13

Arrived today, thanks a lot :smiley:

Yes, Pi V1 would be great.

(Dafydd Hirst) #14

Good news had a rummage in the workshop and have 2x Pi 1 for you ill see if i can find some sd cards. what address would you like them posted to

(Glyn Hudson) #15

Thanks! Could you send it to our shop address (see bottom of this page):

Don’t worry about SD cards. We have plenty.

(Tamsin Slinn) #16

Wow this is amazing, thanks so much everyone!

I will make sure they are put to good use - it will open up lots of different activities we can do in the club, I can report back on the projects we do if anyone interested :slight_smile:

(Simon) #17

Hi Tamsin, it would be great to hear what the kids have been able to do. Maybe a blog post sometime in the future?

Good luck with everything.


(Dafydd Hirst) #18

One in a clear housing and one in a green one on there way posted yesterday :slight_smile:

(Glyn Hudson) #19

They’ve arrived already! Thanks so much :+1:

(Ian Heath) #20

Evening all, I reckon I have 1 (or 2), RPi 1’s (model B/256MB), happy to send them, what’s the address?