Unusable web interface in full screen mode

HI All,
I’m experiencing a problem when logged on web emoncms.org interface in full screen: the upper black bar extends to cover below visualization so it’s impossible to do anything (manually resize of browser window to smaller width fix the issue).

Other question: is it possible to reset an app: in my case “My Solar” app returns only an error message popup: ERROR: feed.getdataDMY invalid response: [object Object]

Thank you.


I just logged into emoncms.org, looks fine to me on full screen mode. Usually clearing the cache of your browser may solve that problem.
Have you tried other browsers? If you use Chrome, there is a mode called “Incognito Mode”. Try log into emoncms.org in incognito mode. If it looks good in Incognito Mode, than there is high chance it is a browser cache problem.

tested with different browsers (ie, chrome, safari) and different machine (mac/pc) and also in incognito mode: problem still present.

Max browser window width without problem is 1200px.

Ah I see, maybe it is because you have created many dashboards and they push the menu to the edge of the browser.
Sorry cannot help any further. Hope emoncms team can resolve this issue.

This is a problem that results from a large number of dashboards, if you can drop one or two of your dashboards the menu will look fine again. I’ve added it as an issue on the dashboard module github issue list here Dashboard menu overflow with a large number of dashboards · Issue #75 · emoncms/dashboard · GitHub

Thanks for your check!
I confirm it’s something related to number and lenght of dashboard’s names.

As a workaround, you can untick the “publish” tickbox in the dashboard list (Setup → Dashboards). Someone with more experience will correct me if I’m wrong, but the list of dashboards is still available in the Dashboards menu on the left, but each dashboard doesn’t get its own starred entry in the menu bar.