Unstable emonTX / emonESP operation

I’ve been collecting data with my emonTX running the 3phase firmware (I compiled both firmware so they use 9600 bps), but I noticed that the data collection stops every now and then. The symptoms are:
CT numbers not updating on the emonESP
MQTT & emonCMS connections stop, even though the emonESP is accessible over wifi

Sometimes rebooting the emonESP fixes it, some other time I have to power cycle the emonTX to make it work again. I attached a screenshot for reference below.

Any idea how to troubleshoot this? Can we somehow leverage the watchdog in the ESP8266? I see no option for that in the web page. Also, any ideas on the root cause? I’m using a HLK-PM01 to power it, that can do 5V/3W, that should be enough for the emonTX & emonESP, no?

According to my maths, 3 W at 5 V is 600 mA. I believe the ESP8266 can draw about 800 mA. So I would strongly suspect that the power supply is failing momentarily.

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emonESP - one for @glyn.hudson.

I have added an 5V / 1.2A power supply to see if that’s enough to keep the device operational.

I didn’t have access to the data when I wrote that, and it appears it’s likely to be significantly less than that, although I cannot find a “worst case” value quoted, only a ‘typical’ one - which isn’t very helpful in these circumstances.

So I think a 600 mA supply should be adequate, but if it’s “noisy” or prone to drop-outs, then it’s still a prime suspect.

The sketch itself has been in use for a number of years by many people in continental Europe mainly, and there have been very few reports of problems.

I have switched over to a 1.2A power supply and I thought the problem has been solved but it happened once more - but only once. I will keep an eye on the thing and see what happens until the 2A power supply arrives. The esp had 24kb free ram left and interestingly that didn’t change with an esp reboot, I had to reboot the entire emontx to make it work again. I can’t do that from the emonesp, can I?

I do not have an ESP8266, so I cannot help you with that.