Undefined index: GATEWAY_INTERFACE in admin_main_view.php on line 106

Hi All -

As above… I get this error when using version 9.9.8… it’s at the top of my ‘Setup’>‘administration’ page.

Was previously running a version from November 2017 and upgraded using git pull.



Did you update the Modules as well? There is a script in the useful scripts repo (which may be in your home folder already - but update that folder) for updating all the repos under emoncms/.

Yes Brian - I’ve updated all mods and then grepped the whole server and can not find a reference to GATEWAY_INTERFACE so I’m thinking… hmmm…

I’m guessing you are not running this on a Pi?

[edit]Stable or Master branch?

what do you get as a response from the command line PHP $_SERVER - w3resource

It is not used for anything except to load some values for server status. Raise it as an issue on GitHub.