Uncaught TypeError modal is not a function

When using visualisations and attempting to remove bad data using the ‘Delete data in window’ function, error occurs as follows.

EmonCMS Error

Message: Uncaught TypeError: $(…).modal is not a function
Route: vis/editrealtime?feedid=26&embed=1

I think there is an Issue on GitHub re this. Can you please check and if not, create one? @TrystanLea

Hello @Neil_Hack this should work (for MYSQLTimeSeries data only) when not in embed mode, try removing the &embed=1 part of the url…

I’ve updated the code to hide this when in embed mode.

If you are trying to delete data in a PHPFina feed you can type NAN in the ‘Multiply data in the window by a float or a fraction’ box.

I’ve also updated the tool to hide the delete button if the engine is not MYSQLTimeSeries