Unable to update ... service-runner-update.sh


When doing full update I get the follwoing error:
Download Log

File not found ‘/opt/openenergymonitor/emonpi/service-runner-update.sh’ attributes=emoncms none ttyAMA0>/var/log/emoncms/update.log

I tried the following in SSH:

But error persists.

I am running: low -write 11.0.5

Any addtl pointers?


Hello @phamiltonsmith can you tell us more about the system that you have, is it a emonBase or emonPi? Is it a SD card running the emonSD image? How old is the system? has it been working fine and only just showing the issues that you are seeing?

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It WAS an emonPi and had run fine for about 8 months… Instead of trying to fix the the issue, I did a fresh Install…

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