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Unable to update my emonSD-30Oct18

I bought my emonPi about 18 months ago. Apparently it has emonSD-30Oct18, even though I have updated it quite a few times since I bought it.

I just tried again, and it seems that I’m locked out of updates now:

Starting update via (v2.0) >
- emonSD version: emonSD-30Oct18
ERROR: emonSD base image old or undefined...update will not continue
See latest verson:
Stopping update

But the referenced page says that this version is still “elidible for updates” (sic). So what’s wrong?

Perhaps given that at least one user has bricked their Pi by upgrading, it’s a good thing?

Please read this post carefully.

Please read this post carefully.

Thanks Brian, I wasn’t aware of that. I have updated the list of releases to correctly indicate which versions are no longer supported.