Unable to show data (kwh)

I have an emon I got from the store some years ago with just one CT sensor to measure current consumption. I used to have it working just fine, I moved to another house so I decided to update the system and configure the graphs again.
I followed the official guide to set up a basic graph with the used kWh…

Unfortunatelly I cannot see any data… not sure what is the reason, I’m not sure what is misconfigured I’ll share some screenshots and please, if you can see what is wrong and how could I solve it…
This is what I see in the inputs:

I’m surprised I see here inactive… but I see no way how to change it…

Again surprised here that I see it as inactive and also that I see different kWh values…
Also, I’ve checked the graps csv output with some nulls on it:

to finalize with the question, completing it with some more info… (the system let me just put 3 attachments so here the other 2 and explanation)

And finally, when going to Apps->my electric I see this error dialog:
When entering for second time I see in big 68W which never changes and 68.0 kWh which also never changes. The data which seems correct is the 15,7kWh/d, also month and yeasr and week could be right as the emoncms was setup something like 10 days ago.

The data I see is not divided in days even clicking on de ‘D’.

Sorry in advance for so much info in the question but I want to make sure what is not working and what I’m unable to configure properly :smiling_face:

Hi Juan,

I bumped your user account level up a notch. You should be able to post your attachments now.

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But what sort of “emon” do you have? There is the emonTx V2, emonTx V3.2, emonTx V3.4, emonTx Shield, emonTH, emonPi, emonGLCD, emonEVSE and emonBase. Some of those are now obsolete.

I am guessing you have only an emonPi. Is that correct?

“inactive” means no data has been received in emonCMS.
And your emonCMS is on your emonPi?

Until you get data updating on the inputs page - and that happens automatically when data is received in emonCMS, you will get nowhere.

What did you do when you updated your emonPi? Did you keep, and do you want to keep, your old data?

If you go to the Setup menu in emonCMS, and then emonHub, do you see the log change every 5 seconds as data arrives?

your guess was right, emonPi!

yes, all will go locally here.

I used a new sdcard, with a new emoncms image from github. I had no need/need to keep old data

I think what I get is new data, yes, here an screenshot that shows it… log level is in DEBUG.

This shows dates in August 2021!
Your first problem must be to get the times correct - both the Raspberry Pi itself and emonCMS. You need to do this manually because if the time difference is too great, it will refuse to correct automatically, even when you have an Internet connection. You must also set your time zone in both emonCMS and the RPi.

If that display updates every 5 s, then the “emon” part is working.

WoW! In fact the datetime I see in the admin page is not the current one :face_with_peeking_eye:
I guess I need to connect via ssh and run some linux command to setup the datetime somehow… this would do the trick for the server/emonPi, but how is the emonCMS datetime setup?
Can this be set in a way that points to a ntp datetime server?
Thanks for your already big help, @Robert.Wall!

The emonCMS Timezone is in Setup → My Account

It should get the time from the RPi.

thanks for the advice, but there I can just set the timezone, which was correct already… the thing to be modified is the date time itself…

Try looking here: pi 3 - Time and timezone issues on Raspberry Pi - Raspberry Pi Stack Exchange

Going for the ssh and changing the datetime I found this link which could have saved me some time already…

Now for my surprise the

sudo service ntp stop
sudo service ntp start

both lines return the same:

Failed to stop ntp.service: Unit ntp.service not loaded.

This points into the direction that for some reason my image (stable image from 2021) has not installed the ntp service… so I did it via ssh + apt-get.

After this I set the raspberry timezone correctly via: sudo raspi-config

I’ll now observe after a couple of days if I’m able to see some data :smiley:

Thanks a lot for your support and patience, @Robert.Wall !

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Does the emonHub log now show the correct time?
And does the Inputs page show a time less than 5 s against each input?
If it is doing both these things, then I think you should be OK.

I think so… it’s in UTC, that should be correct, right? when showing data in real time the hour is the correct one :slight_smile: so I guess it’s correct.


Mine is local - UTC+01:00, so maybe not.
But the fact that you now have data reaching the Inputs page and updating is a good sign.

I believe having the machine in UTC (a.k.a. C time) is correct if you want consistent emoncms data files with no sudden changes in timestamps. When you display the data using e.g. the graph app it will adjust the time displayed to be whatever the local display is using, I believe. That’s how mine works anyway.