Unable to log in - error: false

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I have been using emoncms for a while and all is good. I have just shared my login details with one of my team and they are unable to log in. The error that comes up is simply: false (username and password have been triple checked. I can log in fine, my colleague cannot).

Is there a restriction on the number of sessions under the same username? I would prefer to set him up with his own account but there does not seem to be a way to do that with emoncms.

Any help is gratefully appreciated!

All the best

Edit to clarify: emoncms.org - not local

Hello @kabeziller

That’s strange I cant think of a reason why that might be. There is no restrictions on the number of sessions under the same username. Could you try again and let me know what time you tried and I can see if anything comes up in the logs that may be related to this?

Many thanks for coming back to me. My colleague ended up clearing his local browser cache and it then worked. This may help if anyone else gets this error in the future.

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Thanks for the update, that’s good to know!