Unable to Create an EmonCMS User Account

Hello @TrystanLea
I have installed the emonSD image updated and upgraded the software via the terminal. I tried logging in from a web browser using the IP the window below opens. I expected a window that allows me to register a new user. What could possibly be the problem?
I am stuck at part 3 of this guide. Below is the image of what I see.

I would like to point out that on rebooting, there is an error which reads Failed to start LSB: DHIP Server. Any help on this is highly welcome.

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What do you mean by this exactly? Upgrading is not a straightforward process and best left to the script started from the Admin screen.

Thanks @borpin for that. We reinstalled the image on the SD card again and it is running right now. This is sorted. Secondly, we did not update our emonpi this time round :smiley:.

Great. If you go into the Admin screen, you can select update from there.

Glad it’s sorted.