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UK Smart Meters - Is there anything I need to know?


I’ve managed to get my self-build emonPi / emonCMS up and running and am really pleased with the results I’m getting.

It covers electricity usage with the voltage sensing and current transformer, and I’ve recently added the pulse counting too as a callibration / verfication step - still adjusting it but comparing my calculated Wh vs. counted pulses, I’m within 99.8%.

Had a phone call on Friday and my energy provider is now offering Smart Metering, 2nd generation standard for both my electricity and gas. I did ask if they could send specific details re: the meters so I could understand exactly what I’d get but have only received generic smart metering website links which essentially all just say its a good thing.

I want to maintain Wh pulse counting for my electricity, and obviously want to incorporate gas monitoring into my emon setup. My energy supplier is Avro and their smart meter installer is Lowri Beck

Is there anything I should look to have (or avoid) / any recommendations?