UK Renewable Heating Incentive declaration example

I know I’ve sounded sketchy about why I won’t tinker with my heatpump. I thought it might be worth sharing the declaration I have to make each year to keep getting the money back that I paid for the heatpump and the monitoring set up.

As you’ll infer, I’m clearly being over-cautious. However, that’s me.

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Not necessarily overcautious. I don’t know whether Ofgem interpret plugging other devices in as “replaced all or part of my Renewable Heat Technology […] since I applied for accreditation” and I don’t know what your MMSP agreement says but I think (can’t find it right now) ours says in not so many words to leave the Melcloud link connected and I don’t know if two remote controllers can be plugged into the base unit anyway.

So no, I won’t be messing with the wires either until the repayments end.