Typo in emonhub.conf

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(Dave Howorth) #1

The fourth and fifth lines of emonhub.conf say:

### emonHub configuration file, for info see documentation:

I think the fifth line should read:


(Robert Wall) #2

My old copy from 2016 does say that. :roll_eyes:

One for @Gwil yet again.

(Gwilym Noble) #3

Thank you for your help, @djh.

Since editing it might result in conflicts or unintended consequences, I’ve raised an issue on GitHub (, so the developers can take a look at it.

(Paul) #4

They are actually just comments, the leading hashes in the op above were being interpreted as markdown formatting by discourse and therefore not being displayed so I’ve added code fencing to better show the quoted lines.

(Glyn Hudson) #5

Thanks, fixed by:

This commit will only update the default version not the version with user changes. It will mean users will not automatically get this fix. But at least its fixed on the master copy.