Two or several Emonpi's feeding to one account

Hi we have puchased several Emonpi to log data in several buildings, is it possible to export the data to one Emoncms account allowing remote veiwing? If I have to set up seperate accounts then is it possible to transfer some of the nearly £600 of credit to other accounts?

Thanks in advance.


It should certainly be possible. You need to ensure that each sends the data with an unique identity, otherwise the data from several emonPi’s will end up in the same Feed. Obviously, each sends its data with the same APIkey - the one belonging to your account.

(You could equally send all the data to one emonPi - by sending to its IP address with its APIkey.)

Thanks, now I just have to rember how to take the API key from my account and put it in my Emonpi set up. its and age thing!


On, it’s in Input API Help from the Inputs page. You need the Read & Write one (NOT the read-only).

In your emonPi, it’s near the top of emonhub.conf, which you get to via Setup → Emonhub → Edit config.

Yes, it came back to me after a bit of searching.

Thanks again for your prompt help.