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Two new weather widgets added to dashboard

Two new widgets have just been added to the emoncms dashboard which are useful for displaying weather calculations;

Humidex widget to return the humidex value based upon temperature and humidity.

Frost Point widget to display the temperature where air moisture turns to ice crystals and forms as frost.

Many thanks to Aymeric Thibaut for submitting.

Also, Aymeric has kindly updated the dewpoint widget to enhance the font options, including Bold, Italic, selectable typeface, size etc.

To update your dashboard;
Emonpi’s - run the inbuilt update script
Self-Builds - run $git pull from within your emoncms/Modules/dashboard directory


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Is it possible to adapt the humidex widget ? It doesn’t show the unit chosen (C or F) like the heatindex for ex. Now you have to use a separate field to add the C or F behind the result …

Centigrade and Fahrenheit are not units of measurement for humidex.

If you research humidex, you will that it’s a notional number with no unit.


oops indeed, just re read
hope this error will serve others :innocent: