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Two IoTaWatts

Hello all

I have connected two IoTaWatt units to my power panel, I did this because there is no way to monitor the main feeds to my power panel (Buss Bars cover with protective plastic) also there is no room to run wire backward through the CTs, So I am trying to monitor all of my loads to come up with a total power consumption all works great but I am having a problem in trying to figure a way to bring both units data together so I can come up with a total. I also have a Solar Feed which I plan on monitoring to determine if I am generating power to the utility or pulling power from the utility.

Sorry if I have posted this incorrectly

I suggest The IoTaWatt forum is a better place to ask a question that is specifically about the operation and use of IoTaWatt. That is managed by Bob Lemaire, its creator, and he and the other users there are more likely to have the specific knowledge to help you.

Ok Thank you for your direction