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Two feeds calculated from one input

I currently have a clamp on my mains by the meter measuring import/export and a “log to feed / allow positive /power to kWh” calculation which feeds into my Octopus Agile App - essentially monitoring my total import

I’d like to start to monitor and graph my total kWh export which would, I think, be the same as the calc above but with ‘allow negative’

I cannot seem to do this within the input’s process list - any ideas would be much appreciated

Why not? Did you do Reset to Original first, then Allow negative followed by another Power to kWh which logs to the new feed?

Remember, values are passed down the stack, so once changed, you need to recover the starting value if you want to start afresh.

I don’t see reset to original? Was I clear that I want both, not just to change from +ve to -ve? Anyway, what I now have is this which doesn’t seem to work


That won’t work, because you have nothing negative coming through past step 4, so step 5 blocks everything. What version of emonCMS do you have?

I see this in my emonPi:
Screenshot 2021-06-30 15:38:49

Do you have Reset to ZERO, and follow it by + input?

What you are aiming for is to add, after the Import (positive) Power to kWh something to reset the process to the original value, then repeat what you already have but using instead the negative part.
Reset to Original starts with the initial value in one step, Reset to ZERO does what it says, you then need to re-read the input with +input. Then you take the negative part and convert to kWh.

Got it, many thanks @Robert.Wall

Jeremy can I ask you to show me/us your final process list please.

Here it is John, essentially calculating the kWhs that I have to pay for in the first section and then the ‘wasted’ kWh that I’ve exported

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