Tuning "My Solar" App on EmonCMS.org

Just fired up the EmonTX 3.4 and LOVING IT. It’s weirdly addictive. Before I go down the path of customize my own EmonCMS installation, I was wondering if I could get help to configure the emoncms.org “My Solar” app.

I have:

EnonTX with Wifi with four CTs:

CT1 Grid feed (if this is negative, I’m feeding solar back into the grid)
CT2 Solar PV Generation
CT3 Air Con
CT4 Hot Water

However I am at a loss at what I should be configuring the “My Solar” app too so it translates the data correctly.

“Solar PV” is correct. However, Use Now and Exporting are wrong.

Unless I am on drugs, the correct values for how EmonCMS “My Solar” should be translating the data should be as follows:

My USE NOW should be 925
My EXPORTING should be -2239
SOLAR PV should stay as 3164

Screenshots below:

(Obviously the numbers below don’t line up due to point in time screenshot but the point here is to show the CT monitoring coming straight from the EmonTX lines up to the CT1-4 above.)

[quote]“Solar PV” is correct. However, Use Now and Exporting are wrong.

It looks like you are using your mains for “use”. Create an input process list on your mains input to add the solar inverter output and log that to use (and use Kwh). Doing that will cause the above example to show:

EXPORTING: 2240 (what is going backwards out your main)
SOLAR PV: 3154

Thanks so much!

Just starting to explore “My feeds” now. Thank you, this worked!