Trying to use the emonbase as a router


I have been trying to connect wired network based device to the pi’s LAN port and forward it to the wifi connected internet.
I have seen this link-:

But does not seem to give my device connection to the internet, it does assign it an IP address.
The device i am trying to connect uses UDP to send data but it need to connect to its server first.

Can anyone advise.

Hi Matthew, although I do not really have any suggestions for you to try, I am aware that the emonPi seems to not be able to use the Ethernet and the WiFi at the same time.

If you search these forums (including the archived stuff) there are many posts that relate to either the WiFi or the Ethernet connection not working until the other is disconnected, eg when you first set up the emonpi and add your wifi details, it might not work until you pullout the Ethernet cable. I have several Pi’s that I am able to connect to via WiFi and Ethernet simultaneously.

I mention this as a working Ethernet and WiFi at the same time is essential to what you are trying to do and the guide you have linked has been tried and tested specifically for an “off-line” AP.