Trying to show Heat pump data on

Hi, I have finally had time to look at uploading my data to I have the MyHeatpump App running locally just fine and have now linked it to

I have saved my details on and added the URL to my heatpump data at but my data doesnt appear in the list of installations.

Almost certainly something simple I am doing wrong, any ideas? Thanks

Hi Mark,

There’s a manual approval process before the system goes live on I can see your system is awaiting approval. However, looking at the data I notice your heatpump has not yet been running since the monitor has been installed. We need to see some data from at least one short heating period or one DHW cycle to be able to verify that everything is working ok.

Could you run the HP tomorrow and then reply to this thread, hopefully all will be working fine, and we can approve your system to be visible on the site.

Thanks a lot for your contribution.

Thanks Glyn, I will do a run today. One question I have is that at present I have a feed measuring the electricity to the outside unit and another to the inside gubbings. I add both to get my total usage. Is this what everyone else does as I found that over the summer when I wasn’t using the ASHP my COP plummeted due to the continual load from the internals. I suppose I could have switched the internal box off but I had plenty of solar so it didn’t matter to me.

Thanks Mark

Hi Mark,

Yes, this is correct. The power used by the heatpump should include both the outdoor unit and indoor controller. If you click on a particular system on there will be info detailing exactly what’s monitored.

Ok, great I can see your HP is running a heating cycle today and data all looks good. I’ll approve your system to be displayed on the site.

Thanks Glyn