Trouble shooting log data

I’m running v 4.1.0 however I have noticed that the history table is in date order. Therefore the oldest items are at the top. The device has been running for more than a year so therefore the latest reported items are several pages deep but it only reports about 80 line items.

Is there any other way of interrogating the log file?

Also, as I built it over a year ago, and never needed to touch it. My memory needs refreshing, what would be causing a no ground fault, if that is what my issue is?

There is limited storage on the ESP32, so we only store a small log around 100k max, which is about 80 enteries

So is it a defect that needs raised that they are not being overwritten,
To confirm the entries are over 1 year old and new entries are not listed and I can’t see a way to purge the log?

UPDATE : I’ve noticed that the last couple of entries are listed , but then they disappear when the page is refreshed.

After page refresh.
|02/04/2022, 13:45:14|information|EV Not connected|4.08 kWh|17.5 °C|
|02/04/2022, 13:33:21|information|Waiting - EV Not connected|4.08 kWh|17.5 °C|
|02/04/2022, 12:31:09|information|EV Not connected|4.08 kWh|17.4 °C|
|02/04/2022, 12:31:04|information|EV Connected|4.08 kWh|17.4 °C|

Ah ok, I see, when the GUI is open the entries are constructed from the streamed data, so it does look like there is an issue with the rotation… I will take a look