Trouble setting up emonTx Solar app

Hi All,

I’ve installed the EmonTX and connected it wirelessly to the the emonPi.

I’ve tried to replicate the Pi’s solar setup on the TX to re-establish ground zero before I start adding things.

I followed the instructions on this page : Solar PV — OpenEnergyMonitor 0.0.1 documentation

The problem that I have is that the reference page shows the setup of input 2 as emontx_17:solar but I don’t have that option.

If you look at my dropdown menu

then I can see solar listed as an input on the Pi but not on the Tx. I have chosen input 2 on the Tx but it’s not working correctly.

The app shows the solar at 0W even though I’m exporting.

Any pointers gratefully received.


I don’t understand. You cannot do that. The emonTx is a sensor node in our terminology, a source of data. It transmits this data to the emonPi.

What do you have on the emonCMS Inputs page? It looks as if you have created a process list for P2 of your emonTx - what have you done for P1?

Where are your c.t’s for P1 & P2? (Grid, PV or House feed)

I thought I could use the Tx to replicate the solar setup I had on the Pi because this help page suggests to me that I can.

I configured the Pi to receive inputs from the Tx as per this page

It’s obviously working after a fashion because I can see data. What I can’t get it to do is show the data properly.

I’d assumed that was a problem with me configuring the inputs incorrectly on the Tx but I suppose it might be a communication problem between the Tx and the Pi?

I’ve made a bit more progress. I used this preset configuration

and it gave me these new inputs

However, it’s still not either collecting/analysing/displaying correctly.

The Pi currently has no physical inputs. The Tx has the combined power/power sensor, house feed on P1, solar on P4 (as per the config I selected,) It also has the pulse counter connected to its lan port.

Hope that’s a better description of what I’ve done/tried to do?


OK, that’s what we need to know.

Go back to the process list for the two inputs of the emonPi, and jot down what the steps are and the feeds the data is logged to. Then you need to (manually) copy that to their equivalent inputs P1 & P4 on the emonTx (so make sure you’re accurate and get all the details right :wink: ). Note, you’re going to be using the existing Feeds that were used by the emonPi’s inputs, don’t make new ones.

This should make the newly sourced data appear in the same feeds as originally. Then, for safety, delete the “log to Feed” parts (or all) of the process steps in the emonPi - because you don’t want data from the Pi going into those feeds any more.

You’re then free to repurpose those two inputs on the emonPi.

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