Trouble getting wireless connection

Just installed two of these and trying to connect to my home wi-fi network.

Sometimes can’t connect at all to the inbuilt AP and when finally successful, put the values in for my network and off it goes yet never connects. Instead the AP disappears for a while and then comes back some time later when I try and repeat the process again.

I’ve tried power on/off, reset button etc. but neither is connecting.

What authentication does it use?

All my wireless APs (I have four, all same SSID and same password) are WPA2-PSK/TKIP.

Two of these what?

The ones you can purchase from the shop - the one relay MQTT things.

There are lots of different items you can purchase from the shop.

One of these?

  • Does your WiFi password have special characters in it?
  • What instructions have you followed?

Yes, two of them. Nothing special with the password.

I suspect that it might be the range of the devices; the scan shows all four of my APs and they all have the same SSID and credentials (and apparently the same power level of just one bar missing - unlikely given they are spread across both floors on either end of the building) but I guess the signal might not be reliably sufficient in the (attached) garage they are installed in despite one of the AP’s being in the connected room, albeit separated by a chimney stack, and another almost directly above that one on the floor above.

I’ve a Devolo wifi/wired adaptor arriving tomorrow or Tuesday and I’ll give that a different SSID and see if they can both connect reliably to that within the garage which will solve the issue if it works since that’ll run across the domestic power to another connected to my router.

If the Relay’s WebUI scan in AP mode is finding your APs, then I doubt that range is the issue.

Do you have any other ESP8266 devices connected to your APs? I have seen issues with ESP8266s connecting especially on shared SSIDs (i.e. on both Wi-Fi frequencies). Can you create a specific SSID on just the 2.4 frequency for these to use (just needs the closest AP)?

“Can you create a specific SSID on just the 2.4 frequency for these to use (just needs the closest AP)?”

I’ll see what I can do.

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I’ve fixed this by installing a Devolo dLAN 500 WiFi power-line adaptor in the garage and connected the two relay modules to that.

I did try adding an additional 2.4 GHz SSID with a unique name to the nearest existing AP but they couldn’t get a reliable connection and eventually dropped back into AP mode (although I could connect my phone to it perfectly).