Transfer Input Process List from to local emoncms

I am in the process of finally building a local emoncms installation after years of using I know that I can back up the Feed Data between the two. But is there a way to replicate the “Process List” too?

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I’m working on a similar project and it would be very very nice to be able to download the process list also. Seems the developers are working on a backup/sync utility which may just do that. To be honest, I have conjured up a pretty high number of feed during the years and the cost of continuing to use will be way too high.

What kind of hardware are you planning to use? I was thinking of moving the local install to a HDD rather than having it running on a SD card.

I’ve just teste remote access via and that’s working a treat and I can add my other rpi’s as well. Biggest problem to me is, that I will not get a permanent URL for emoncms, but will have to log in via

I have now moved from to a local install running on an Ubuntu VM on my QNAP NAS. Everything worked pretty well following the Linux installation except that I had to manually recreate every process to Feeds! The issue also appears to be that the versions of and the local stable version are different. So that could mess things up as well.

Interesting, good solution.

Maybe now it’s finally a good time to upgrade my old ReadyNas. Which model are you using and are you satisfied with the performance? I was considering a TS-251+ or a Synology DS218+