Total pulse count to pulse increment

The pulse increment is calculated at each update rather than over a period of time.

Is it possible to get the pulse increment over the past 5 mins or past 60 mins, for example?
If so how?
My objective is to display this info on a Dashboard.

Having been through the list of processes & their explanations, none of them seem related to past time.


What comes to mind is the tutorial on presenting ‘kWh Daily’ bar graphs.

This would imply you log the pulse count in a time series format, this needs setup as a new input process.

I would look at the kWh Daily tutorial, then once it’s basically working and displaying bar graphs, zoom into a desired time frame on the graph and change the interval from daily to seconds as desired.
If you change the interval while at a zoom level of day/week/month, you can expect to wait a while :slight_smile:

Dan …
Many thanks for the steer which I’ve followed up on …
I now have a bargraph of generation at 900 sec intervals over the course of a day.
To this I’ve added the generation up to that point in the day.
And the generation now (based on phptimeseries at 10 sec intervals).
This is all based on pulse counting the smart generation meter (the basis of the FIT & deemed export revenue income).
And this nicely bypasses the need for CT’s and the calibration complexity associated with a 3 phase system.
It is a very meaningful dashboard and an improvement on my initial thinking
So thanks again …

You’re welcome.
By coincidence a few days ago I’ve drawn up a plan to extrapolate ‘real-time’ Watts from the interval between pulses, desired for a project I have on. I haven’t decided yet whether to run the program on an emonTx or to pulse count on a rPi directly. I’ve yet to get pulse counting directly working on the rPi, it is possible.